All The Puddings

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Do you ever made homemade pudding to enjoy, either as a dessert or a breakfast treat? Depending on what you put in it, it can certainly be both. Lots of people are riding the chia pudding train, which can be great for your health as long as you don't overdo it on the sugar. If you load it with goodies like chia, flaxseed, fresh fruit, protein powder and other nutrients, you could start your day with a real powerhouse of a treat!

Then again, you might be more like me and enjoy it as a little simple treat. I often just blend up some heavy whipping cream with a flavoring agent (usually from Skinny Syrups but you use what works best for you!) and have a quick mousse/pudding-like dessert. It's rich and can upset your stomach if you have too much so I suggest just using one serving!

What kinds of puddings do you like to make? Share them in the chat.

DIY Summer Popsicles

What's your go-to recipe?

As someone who loves to play chemist in the kitchen, I have a love/hate relationship with popsicles. I love all the different flavors and cool concoctions but have yet to find a holder that I love. Plastic stick? Wooden one? Ew. I'm better off making granita because I want to use a spoon! One year I made lightsaber holders for those little plastic popsicles you can buy which work great but I don't love the plastic... or the store-bought popsicles all that much, either!

I'd love to know what you use for the "stick" as well as what you're making! This list of 40+ ideas was shared with me today and wow, they look good. Strawberry flavors are my favorite but honestly I don't see one I wouldn't try. Is there a bad fruit in the world, really?

What kinds of popsicles are you making? Share your favorite recipes and methods in the chat!

Frosty Drinks Perfect for Summer

What's your favorite?

When I think of summer, I picture a nice, frosty orange julius to help me cool off. It's too bad that every local place I used to get them at doesn't sell them anymore! It's fine, I'll start making my own! Speaking of that, there are so many other icy, yummy drinks you can make at home, too.

Cutting lemons into wedges, freezing them and blending them yields a nice, frothy lemon treat! Add your favorite sweetener and don't forget to pick out the seeds before freezing. Then there are ice dragons, which can be anything from a Game of Thrones themed sorbet drink to a matcha green tea blended with sweet flavors! And don't even get me started on nitro lemonade, bubble tea and other favorites...

What is your favorite ice old summer drink to make? Share the recipe in the chat! 

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Each State's Signature Dessert

The stuff bucket lists are made of

When we travel, we usually plan out a special place or two to eat because that's one of our favorite new experiences. You gotta eat, anyway, and who doesn't love food? Eat This, Not That! just released a list of the best dessert in every state and now I'm ready for a cross-country road trip!

Some of these desserts really surprised me. California's dessert, for example, is a Japanese cheesecake. In Colorado, it's a candy sculpture, and Georgia has a popcorn sundae. Ever heard of Scotcheroos? How about chocolate crabs?

What dessert is your state known for? Would you agree that it's the best in your state? Share some of your favorites in the chat.

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Low-Cal Desserts

What do you like to make?

While I'm more focused on low-sugar than low-calorie, I like to do both as much as possible--especially when it comes to desserts! Yogurt and whipped cream desserts are some of my faves because not only can you make them that way, but they also are super easy to make with ingredients that are easy to find. I can even make a quick one with the heavy cream I keep for my coffee.

Hungry Girl is one of my favorite places to find ideas and her Cookie Monster Mousse shots are a great example. You can even modify this to be simpler--I've been known to just use three ingredients in mine (HWC, sweetener and a flavor of some kind). I like to use Skinny Syrups to make different flavors and then you can even skip the sweetener.

What quick, low-calorie desserts do you like to make? Share them in the chat.

Quick Mug Cakes

Because there's always time for dessert!

When you want a quick cake and don't feel like baking a whole one (or don't have enough people around to consume the rest), a mug cake is perfect. It's also great because you can add only what you want into the cake, making it as personal as you like.

Hungry Girl has a great easy cake that only requires two ingredients! In just a couple of minutes you can mix yogurt and cake mix for a quick, easy cake.  She has a bunch of other mug cake recipes, too.

As someone who like to cut my sugar, I like to make quick cakes with almond or coconut flour. It's not much more work and cooks just as fast! You do have to make sure to let them cool. I often skip a frosting or topping, but you could top with sugar-free frosting, homemade whipped cream (which you can make without sugar, too), fresh fruit or whatever you like.

There are also mug cakes on the market for those days when you might be out of ingredients! It's nice to have them in the pantry waiting, especially after a rough day. You just add water to most of them.

What's your go-to fast cake recipe? Share it in the chat.

Best Dessert Pizzas

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Dessert pizza is one of my favorite treats, but I'll admit that I've only tried two types: fruit pizza, which is SO good, and chocolate chip cookie pizza, which my mom used to make when we were kids. Seeing how many dessert pizzas are available today makes my jaw drop!

Take this Oreo dessert pizza, for example. My husband would love it. I've made Oreo balls for family members many times but this looks quite good. I've also seen variations with cinnamon roll dessert pizzas, brownie themed ones and even pizzas topped with all kinds of candy! If you wanted to really take it over the edge you could even top or pair it with some ice cream.

What is your favorite kind of dessert pizza? Share the recipe in the chat! 

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Must-Try Ice Cream

Share your flavors, hacks and tips in the chat!

Most people love some form of ice cream, even if it's just frozen bananas. (Frozen grapes are more my thing!) But when you go out for ice cream, there seem to be two camps of people: the people who get the same flavors at the same places year after year, and the people who set out to try new, adventurous flavors or create their own at home as it suits them.

There's nothing wrong with either camp and I really think many of us belong to both, but many people just haven't tried the fun ice cream hacks that others know. I have friends who introduced me to chopping up Halloween candy for shakes and ice cream. Wow, what a life-changer! I also started trying local creameries who make their own flavors, including "boozy" flavors with herbs, spices and even hot honey. WOW. It's often like nothing you've ever tasted.

My own personal hack is to out vanilla vanilla. I love vanilla ice cream but I add a ton of vanilla everything to it, from graham crackers to Nilla Wafers or Golden Oreos (yes, Cold Stone Creamery is my friend!) to make it EXTRA VANILLA! Try it with sweet cream or cake batter for a fun twist.

What is your favorite ice cream hack or flavor? Share it in the chat!

Cupcakes Vs. Muffins

Which team are you on?

My husband would say muffin, I would say cupcake and our teen would be the "Why not both?" person. Why do you have to be one or the other, after all? In fact, as long as it's got chocolate, my kid is happy!

But if you're not sure if you are, in fact, a muffin or a cupcake person, there's a fun little quiz you can take where you "eat your way through the buffet" to have your dessert choice generated for you! It picked mine correctly but I have to admit that I had a tough time deciding between several options. One was even a four-way tie, and I had to pick just one!

So which are you--cupcake or muffin? Both? Share your answer and your favorite examples of either in the chat!

Air Fryer Desserts

What is your favorite recipe?

When my parents bought us an air fryer years ago for Christmas, I had my doubts about the thing. It's since become one of our most beloved kitchen appliances. It's used so often we don't even store it out of sight anymore. My teenager even uses it on the regular! But we don't make a lot of desserts with it, so I was wondering what everyone else made with their air fryers in terms of desserts.

There are plenty of challenges online, but you never know which ones are legit and which ones are design to simply frustrate you. You know what I'm talking about! This list looks promising, and I would definitely make those apple fritters!

What air fryer desserts do you like to make? Share your recipes in the chat.

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