Irish Week Desserts

What are you making?

My family has a lot of Irish heritage, but we're not so much into the whole "St. Patrick's Day" thing so much as just celebrating Ireland, Irish food, culture and that sort of thing. So rather than making, say, green popcorn, in recent years we've made soda bread. (We've totally made green popcorn in the past and if that's your thing, enjoy it!)

That said, this year I am experimenting with keto shamrock shakes just because A. I like them, and B. I'd like to have them without gobs of sugar. I have to say I'm liking my version of this (I've used macadamia nut milk so far) and I've learned to use more ice than less to ensure it's nice and smooth. I also saw this recipe for green cupcakes, which my kiddo will likely want to make.

So how do you celebrate? What are you making in terms of sweet treats?

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Tiramisu Brownies

How do you make them?

If something has tiramisu in it, chances are I want it. Whether it's a cheesecake, shake or yes, these brownies, I'm all over espresso-flavored goodies! 

If you are an espresso dessert lover, too, you might want to try out this recipe for tiramisu brownies. If you're low-carb, diabetic or avoiding sugar for another reason, this low-carb version of the recipe might be more up your alley. I love the inclusion of dark chocolate, which is full of antioxidants and, I think, far yummier. We really need to raise kids loving dark chocolate and they'd be much better off, don't you think?

What other goodies are you loving this week? Share your recipes in the chat!

Romantic Desserts For Valentine's Day!

What are you making?

Is the way to win your love through their stomach? Find out with some of these romantic dessert ideas!

Red Velvet Cupcakes: It doesn't get any more classic than these! Not a red velvet fan? Try the no-bake strawberry tart, ice cream sundae and other fun recipes. These are meant for two and to be made together, adding to the fun!

Champagne and Raspberry Possets: This super pink treat is perfect for a day of love! There are a bunch of other recipes at the link, too, from fondue to tortes.

Chocolate, Cardamom and Rose Petal Cookies: Not only is this treat sugar-free, making it great for those with special health needs, but it's also a super unique and speacial dessert. 

Sub blood orange for cocktails: While this isn't a recipe, I always think that blood orange is a super sexy flavor. Try using it in place of your usual cocktail ingredients for Valentine's Day!

What kinds of goodies are you making this Valentine's Day? Share your recipes in the chat!

What's Your Favorite Chaffle?

Share your dessert chaffle recipes

Have you ever made chaffles? Chaffles are a new form of waffles that are made of something ketogenic, usually mozzarella or another type of cheese, combined with eggs and either savory or sweet keto-friendly flavors like herbs, cocoa, peanut butter, etc. with sweeteners. Some even buy pre-flavored sweeteners to make them taste like caramel, coconut, s'mores, peach, etc.

Chaffles don't have to be keto, if you're not avoiding carbs, but they do present a nice alternative dessert to something that's really sugary. This post shares all kinds of tips about how to make them. I've experimented with them and like sugar-free chocolate chips in mine.

Have you made chaffles? What kinds do you like to make best? Share your recipes in the chat.

Dessert Subscription Boxes

Which ones do you like?

There's a subscription box theme for everything these days, and desserts and snacks are one of the many themes that people enjoy the most. Companies like Mrs. Fields and Harry & David have Dessert of the Month Club options, as do many other bakeries and candy shops.

My family tried Love with Food but found that there were just too many items that most people in the family didn't like. Most of us don't like coconut, for example, and a box was heavy on it, among other things. It's a great value and a cute box, though, and I personally liked most of the things we received. 

Did you know that a lot of Etsy companies also sell subscription boxes? You can even order keto treats at the site, although shipping costs are high.

What are your favorite snack or dessert subscription boxes?

Boozy V-Day Gifts

What will you be buying?

Alcohol is a great gift for Valentine's Day for many people, especially if you go for your friend or loved one's favorite or something Valentine-themed. Elle has a great list of a bunch of options you might like, from rose gold to sparkling wines. There are a bunch of great old fashioned mixers for a classic vibe as well as some pink-hued ones for that special V-Day twist.

If you want to go with something more alcohol-themed but without actual bottles, check out this list, which includes everything from wine condoms to an alcohol-themed coloring book!

What kinds of boozy gifts do you like to give for Valentine's Day?

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Layer Cake In A Jar

Share your best recipes!

I'm such a sucker for cakes in a mug, so when I saw this layer cake in a jar recipe (and a keto recipe, no less!) I knew I had to make it soon. It's so perfect because if my family's eating a regular cake for a holiday, I get a little mini keto cake just for myself. We've done this at several family functions and it works out very well.

The idea of a keto graham cracker recipe honestly has me the most excited about this recipe! It looks like there are several steps for this one, so I'll have to devote some time to it. It definitely won't be as easy as the keto mousse I make, but I bet it will be worth it.

What types of mug cakes or cakes in jars do you enjoy making? I'd love to see your recipes, keto or not!

Charlie and the PB Factory

Have you tried these?

Although I've inherited my grandmother's "sweet tooth," I usually try to keep my sugar low since I react badly to it, and I often avoid it altogether, eating keto most of the time. This means I like to find treats that are low in sugar yet still satisfying.

Most of the time, this means making my own treats at home, which is fine, but it's nice to find new flavors and products to try. So when I came across the Peanut Butter Factory, I was pretty excited! They blend all kinds of flavors into peanut butter for high-protein, low-sugar snacks, and if you eat the sample sizes, they're also keto.

They have 36 flavors, plus seasonal treats, and I want to try ALL of them! Just click and look through them--they have everything from Oreo thin mint to birthday cake, cheesecake to heath bar and so much more!

Will you be trying these treats? Have you already? If so, what are they like?

Norwegian Comfort Foods

Which one is your favorite?

If you're into getting a bit more hygge in your life, you might be trying out a bunch of Scandinavian desserts. They aren't necessary to experience hygge, of course, but it doesn't hurt to try them out. 

From cinnamon rolls to fresh baked bread, ebleskivers to bread porridge, there's really something for everyone and all of it sounds so homey and delicious to me. I'm not sure I trust my own hand at doing any of these treats justice and may simply try to find them on my own at various bakeries instead!

How about you? Do you have any good Scandi dessert recipes to share? How about a good place where you can order them? Share your favorites in the chat.

Incredible Gingerbread Sculptures

Have you seen or made anything like these?

Do you ever see an incredible piece of foodie art and find yourself breathless? Caroline Eriksson's gingerbread sculptures may do that if you're not prepared when you look through these amazing creations. Don't think you'll be looking at doves or angels, though. Think... xenomorphs.

These geeky sculptures, ranging from chestbusters from Alien to Optimus Prime, represent our culture in a way that only fandom combined with food can do and we're just glad to be here for it! The creativity is mesmerizing but the accuracy is quite incredible, too.

Have you made similar sculptures out of food, or have you seen others? Share them in the chat!

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