Dessert-Flavored Lip Balm

Where do you get yours?

There is such a wide variety of yummy lip balm that tastes just like dessert that you could have one for every day of the year, or so it seems. Treat Beauty is one company that offers flavored lip balms that feature stevia sweetener along with their flavors, so when you get Wedding Cake, Gummy Bear, Hot Chocolate and other flavors, it actually does taste like those flavors.

Then there are balms like My Lip Stuff balms, which come in almost any flavor you can dream up. They have Angel Food Cake, Apple Cider, Butterscotch Brownies, Eggnog and just about any other flavor that there is. 

Where do you get the best-tasting, best-smelling lip balm? How does it compare with the balms here on quality and cost? Share where you like to get your balms in the chat. 

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Yummy Sugar-Free Desserts

What are you making?

Now that Valentine's Day is over, many people are returning to avoiding too much sugar for health reasons or personal preferences. Luckily there are still plenty of ways to enjoy sugar-free desserts. A spoonful of peanut butter topped with sugar-free chocolate chips or a quick sugar-free fudge or cheesecake will often hit the spot, but many people do enjoy something a bit more complex.

Sugar-free chocolate is one of the easiest types of desserts to make, so it's no wonder that this recipe for chocolate fondue looks so simple and yummy. This list of desserts also includes cranberry orange crumble and red velvet cookie bites, which both look awesome, too! And here are even more sugar-free desserts with a wider variety, from brownies to gajar ka halwa and amaranth chikki. 

What sugar-free desserts are you enjoying right now? Which recipes have you created, and which ones have you learned from others but know as tried and true recipes? Share your favorites in the chat. 

Pancake-Flavored Puffcorn

Sweet, salty and oh-so-delicious

Folks who can't get enough of puffcorn treats will line up to try this sweet new offering! Pancake-flavored baked puffcorn is now available and boy, does it look scrumptious. This non-GMO, gluten-free treat is only 50 calories per cup, and it contains no artificial ingredients. Best of all, it has the sweet pancake flavor that you're looking for without the cost (or work!) of real pancakes.

These goodies have a touch of maple syrup flavoring, and they melt in your mouth like other puffcorn treats. They're made up of only a handful of ingredients: corn meal, sunflower oil, and pancake seasoning, which is basically just brown sugar, rice flour, sugar, salt and natural flavors. I love it when I know exactly what's in my goodies, don't you? They're also made in nut-free facilities, which gives many folks peace of mind.

Pancake-Flavored Puffcorn can be purchased from Sam's Club, ShopRite, Amazon, Fairway, Price Rite, and Kings & Balducci's. What other sweet offerings have you run across lately that make your mouth absolutely water? Share your favorites in the chat!

Disney's Giant Gingerbread Helps The Bees

Ever wonder where those gingerbread houses go?

Disney is like a culture in and of itself, from the hardcore fans who make pilgrimages to the Mouse as often as they can to the rules of staying in character. The Mouse also has some really fun and cool "secrets," like the fact that their giant gingerbread houses contribute to the local ecosystem once the holiday season is over.

Disney recently shared an Instagram video depicting just what happens to these houses. They break down each piece and take them to a farm in Florida where bees eat them until they're gone, which helps keep the bees fed throughout the winter months. They noticed that the bees were especially interested in the structures each year and thought it might be a great way to help their declining populations thriv again. Then they wash up the structures used to hold the houses to reuse the following season! 

What other cool dessert facts have you learned about this week? Any fun recipes or fun tidbits about candy or baked goods that you've learned? Share them in the chat. 

The Good Chocolate Offers 15% Off

Use this code at checkout.

The Good Chocolate has just launched a new blog called Better Be Good to help inspire readers with healthy ideas. To celebrate the blog, The Good Chocolate is offering 15% off orders right now, just in time for Valentine's Day. Just use the code betterbegood15 when you check out. The company also has free shipping on orders that are $45 or more. 

For those unfamiliar with The Good Chocolate, the company offers zero chocolate bars, squares, mini bars and other products for folks who want the chocolate without the sugar. They have vegan options, variety packs, family packs and other sets to combine various flavors, like Himalayan Sea Salt, Ginger, Coconut Turmeric and of course Milk Chocolate.

What other companies have candy sales right now, just in time for Valentine's Day? Who else has great sugar-free candy, specialty chocolate or other unique types of sweets? Share your favorites in the chat. 

Cute Valentine's Desserts

Share what you've found in the chat!

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that really brings out the creativity of culinary artists, and lately they are really outdoing themselves with bold colors, fun flavors, and really pretty presentation. Some of it is really too pretty to eat while others are begging for consumption.

Take this incredible Cherry Buttercream Shortbread Tray. Just look at all that pink goodness! It reminds me of old Strawberry Shortcake cartoons from the 80s and I love it. Then there's this box of truffles from Godiva that looks like a bunch of witchy marbles--or maybe a bunch of worlds, like the ones that are referenced at the end of Men in Black. They're so mesmerizing it's hard to eat them! And Sugarfina has this beautiful box of delicacies that would be sure to please a lot of sweet teeth.

What other cute Valentine's treats have you run across lately? Do you make your own or bake with friends and family? Share your links and recipes in the chat. 

Great Dessert Teas for National Tea Month

Which teas will you try?

It's National Tea Month, which means it's time to try out all the dessert teas! There may not be time to try them all, but there are certainly many flavors to try out. Folks who don't even like tea are often surprised by how much they love an Arnold Palmer, or tea mixed with lemonade. Southern Breeze teas make tea lovers out of many non-tea drinkers, too. But did you know there are teas made with the flavors of pastries, chocolate and even jam on toast

Love sugar cookies, for example? There's a tea that tastes like them. Several, actually! There are chocolate teas you can sip as they are, add syrups and candies to for special treats or even use in recipes for cocktails. There are teas that taste like butterscotch, cotton candy, sweet cherries and more. There's French toast tea, birthday cake, s'mores and strawberry rhubarb parfait!

Have you ever sampled dessert tea? What kinds do you like? If you haven't yet, what kinds would you like to try? Share your favorite dessert teas in the chat. 

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New Sweets for 2022

What have you tried so far?

As a candy lover who doesn't get out much--and who tries to avoid sugar as much as possible for health reasons--I rarely get to see what new candies or sweets are released each year, but I'm definitely always interested! The sweet tooth runs deep in my family and it's super hard for me to say no if it's already in my house. How about you?

Glancing at some newly available sweets only confirms that there are many irresistable flavors out now in various candies and sweets. These white pineapple-flavored Sour Patch Kids look so good, and have you seen the video going around where you microwave them to make them enormous? Maybe I'll have to get some for scientific purposes. 

These giant-sized Skittles don't tempt me nearly as much as these Skittles Chewies, even if the former are three times as large as regular Skittles! Taffy is one of my favorites so the chewies look right up my alley.

What new candies are out that have piqued your interest? Which candies do you hope to try, and which ones look absolutely outrageous? Share them with us in the chat! 

The Best Frostino Recipes

Share your favorites in the chat.

Fans of the Frappucino are likely to love the Frostino, a milk-based drink blended with ice and various flavors. Frostinos can be made to accommodate just about any eating plan. Folks with milk sensitivities can try nut milk or oat milk, and those who are avoiding sugar can sub in sweeteners.

This recipe for a keto Frostino featuring chocolate and almond milk is a great example, resulting in a treat that's high in flavor and low in carbs and sugar. On the other hand, you can make one with fruit, strawberry milk or even veggies for a nutritional boost. Swap in some sugar-free syrups for even more flavor variations.

Have you made Frostinos before? What kinds do you like best? Share your recipes in the chat. 

Dips for Holiday Desserts

What are you serving this year?

Finger foods and snacks are my favorite party foods, for holidays or just for at-home snacking. One of my favorites is pumpkin dip, which is so easy to make. You can serve it with graham crackers, Nilla wafers, just about anything. This year I'm going to try this cannoli dip filled with chocolate chips. We have a bunch of kids this year, so I think it would be a great crowd-pleaser just for that reason!

You can also make really easy cheesecake dip, which is great to serve alongside fruit. You could keep it crust-free for the sugar-free crowd but serve some graham crackers alongside it for an optional dipper. I also love really simple dips--like whipped cream cheese--served with toast cut in rectangles or cute shapes. 

What kinds of holiday dips do you like to serve? What's on your menu this year? Share your favorite dessert dips and recipes in the chat!