Pumpkin Spice Latte Dip

The perfect treat for the holidays!

As a big fan of pumpkin dip, I was thrilled to run across this awesome pumpkin spice latte version. Normally I simply mix whipped cream with pumpkin and a few spices to create a quick dip to go with Nilla Wafers or graham crackers, so this will be a welcome new flavor!

The coffee granules look like they're the biggest change in this dip, but I bet the yogurt adds a nice flavor and texture, too. I love PSLs anyway, so I bet this will be phenomenal. Get the whole recipe here.

What kinds of holiday desserts are you making this year?

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Dessert Potstickers!

Which ones have you tried?

At risk of sounding like an adorably dory Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec who really loves his calzones, I must admit that one of my favorite foods is the dumpling. Dumplings are SO good, and I've recently been trying out new flavors of dumplings.

My favorite will always be the traditional dumpling, although I do love them both boiled and pan-seared. But I also have tried some sweet varieties recently that I found to be quite tasty, like apple and pumpkin pie! There's a dumpling restaurant that specializes in different flavors near me and I want to try them all!

What dessert dumplings have you sampled? Share them in the chat.

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No Bake Cheesecakes

Share your favorite recipes!

Are you a big cheesecake fan who doesn't enjoy waiting for it to be finished? I certainly can't blame you when I do the same! Luckily there are dozens of recipes for cheesecake without requiring a lengthy time in the kitchen, giving us all cheesecake in minutes! 

It's even easy to make keto treats in this fasion, especially if they have flavors like chocolate and fudge. Indeed, the pumpkin version is my absolute favorite, and here's a version you can try at home.

What other fun recipes have you run arcross lately? Share them with us in the chat.

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All The Pumpkin Treats!

What are you making?

We're neck-deep in the pumpkin spice season now! Have you sampled all of your favorite goodies yet? I haven't had a chance to go to Trader Joe's or Aldi, the two stores that always manage to sell the best pumpkin goodness, but I've been able to have a couple of PSLs at home as well as in the Starbucks drive-through. I also snagged some PSL tea that's been delicious!

Some pumkin baking is definitely in order, and I've been trying to decide what to make. I love the idea of these pumpkin cookies, and I don't usually make cookies for Halloween (save for those cute store-bought sugar cookies you just bake and serve; my teens says they look like Tide Pods). Normally I make muffins and pumpkin dip with graham crackers, but that's for a crowd. Cookies would be perfect for our family of three.

What pumpkin treats are you making (or just eating!)? Share them in the chat.

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Candy Club Subscription Box

Lots of Halloween goodies!

Had I found out about Candy Club years ago, I would have been obsessed with this candy goodness! It's a one-stop shop for all kinds of cool candies that you may have never even heard of. Right now, they have a bunch of fun Halloween-inspired candies for sale, which I'd love to try!

Right now, they have Witch Hats, which are grape, apple and orange gummies, as well as Candy Corn puffs, which are marshmallows! How awesome do those treats sound? They even have some gruesome "Body Parts" gummies, as well as plenty of non-Halloween goodies like Chewy Tropical Drops, Caramel Corn, Choco Bears and more. https://shop.candyclub.com/

Have you tried any great Halloween candies lately? Share them in the chat.

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Creative Dessert Modifications

Share yours in the chat!

My fellow dessert lovers, I was in a conundrum. As someone who craves sweets yet has to monitor my blood sugar, I kind of always am. I'm pretty good at finding substitutions as I need them, but when DQ had their pumpkin cookie butter shake so prominently displayed when I drove through to get my teen a shake, I froze.

How could I nab this combination of two of my favorite things?

I came up with a plan. I bought a small, took it home and divided it into four jars. I enjoyed the first jar (the cup it came in, actually) as a tiny shake for the flavor I sought. It cost me about 12 carbs, not nearly as much as the whopping 67 a small version has. 

Next, I stored the rest in the freezer for future experiments. I'm mixing one with my coffee, to start, and I'm thinking about using another for part of a mug cake batter! Do you have any ideas for me?

How do you modify treats to keep them manageable for your lifestyle? Share your ideas in the chat!

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Iced Coffee at Home

How do you make it?

Iced coffee is one of my favorite desserts. I love to add different flavors and toppings and create something that's more than just a refreshing pick-me-up--something that thoroughly satisfies my taste buds, too! My iced coffee takes a while, though, because I brew it and then refrigerate it. What if I could make it colder faster?

This iced coffee machine does just that with a cool down process that the coffee undertakes while it's being poured into the included cup over ice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Iced cinnamon dolce latte or maple bourbon iced coffee, here I come.

How do you make iced coffee at home? How do you turn it into a decious dessert? Share your tips in the chat!

Butterscotch Desserts

What kinds do you like?

Butterscotch is my current favorite flavor, in everything from my lotion to my tea. Tazo makes the best Butterscotch tea! Now I'm on the hunt for the perfect butterscotch dessert. I love a good butterscotch blondie, and puddings are alright, but what else is there?

I think a butterscotch cake would be delicious. These shortbread bars are incredibly intriguing, and I think I'll need to make those sometime soon! I've seen some keto blondies and butterscotch candy that also look pretty good. 

What kinds of butterscotch treats do you enjoy making or eating? Share them in the chat. 

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The Best Homemade Donuts

What are your favorites?

Making donuts at home can be a really fun way to create flavors you love, control the ingredients that go into your treats and ensure they're safe for everyone in your family. One of the best ways I've found to do this is to get a mini donut maker, which is both cheap and fun to use!

You can try your hand at a wide variety of fun recipes, ranging from these yummy apple pie brioche donuts to these gluten-free vanilla donuts. You can play with recipes, add in fruit or nuts and really make them your own.

What are your favorite ways to make homemade donuts? Share them in the chat!

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A Single Bite of Fall

How do you manage it?

Many of us love dessert but only want to eat a bit at a time to stay healthy. So how do you manage this? Making tiny bite-sized desserts are a great way to do it. You can blend little pumpkin pie or apple pie bites up and mold them in a silicone mold for fun shapes, then put them in a jar to store in the freezer. Voila!

I love dessert teas, too, which give you the flavor without the carbs and calories. My favorite is probably apple pie but blondie is a close second! You can find lots of dessert teas you can jazz up with sweetener, honey or even use them as flavors for your baking.

What is your favorite way to get just a bite of fall? Share it in the chat!