Best Dessert Pizzas

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Dessert pizza is one of my favorite treats, but I'll admit that I've only tried two types: fruit pizza, which is SO good, and chocolate chip cookie pizza, which my mom used to make when we were kids. Seeing how many dessert pizzas are available today makes my jaw drop!

Take this Oreo dessert pizza, for example. My husband would love it. I've made Oreo balls for family members many times but this looks quite good. I've also seen variations with cinnamon roll dessert pizzas, brownie themed ones and even pizzas topped with all kinds of candy! If you wanted to really take it over the edge you could even top or pair it with some ice cream.

What is your favorite kind of dessert pizza? Share the recipe in the chat! 

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Must-Try Ice Cream

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Most people love some form of ice cream, even if it's just frozen bananas. (Frozen grapes are more my thing!) But when you go out for ice cream, there seem to be two camps of people: the people who get the same flavors at the same places year after year, and the people who set out to try new, adventurous flavors or create their own at home as it suits them.

There's nothing wrong with either camp and I really think many of us belong to both, but many people just haven't tried the fun ice cream hacks that others know. I have friends who introduced me to chopping up Halloween candy for shakes and ice cream. Wow, what a life-changer! I also started trying local creameries who make their own flavors, including "boozy" flavors with herbs, spices and even hot honey. WOW. It's often like nothing you've ever tasted.

My own personal hack is to out vanilla vanilla. I love vanilla ice cream but I add a ton of vanilla everything to it, from graham crackers to Nilla Wafers or Golden Oreos (yes, Cold Stone Creamery is my friend!) to make it EXTRA VANILLA! Try it with sweet cream or cake batter for a fun twist.

What is your favorite ice cream hack or flavor? Share it in the chat!

Cupcakes Vs. Muffins

Which team are you on?

My husband would say muffin, I would say cupcake and our teen would be the "Why not both?" person. Why do you have to be one or the other, after all? In fact, as long as it's got chocolate, my kid is happy!

But if you're not sure if you are, in fact, a muffin or a cupcake person, there's a fun little quiz you can take where you "eat your way through the buffet" to have your dessert choice generated for you! It picked mine correctly but I have to admit that I had a tough time deciding between several options. One was even a four-way tie, and I had to pick just one!

So which are you--cupcake or muffin? Both? Share your answer and your favorite examples of either in the chat!

Air Fryer Desserts

What is your favorite recipe?

When my parents bought us an air fryer years ago for Christmas, I had my doubts about the thing. It's since become one of our most beloved kitchen appliances. It's used so often we don't even store it out of sight anymore. My teenager even uses it on the regular! But we don't make a lot of desserts with it, so I was wondering what everyone else made with their air fryers in terms of desserts.

There are plenty of challenges online, but you never know which ones are legit and which ones are design to simply frustrate you. You know what I'm talking about! This list looks promising, and I would definitely make those apple fritters!

What air fryer desserts do you like to make? Share your recipes in the chat.

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Lemony Spring Desserts

What are you making?

There aren't many sweet lemon treats that I don't like. I'll go for lemon over chocolate most of the time, easily, and I sure love it when combined with lavender or berries. Here are some of the most delicious lemon treats I've seen this spring.

Lemon Drop Mini Cupcakes: Don't these look incredible? I bet I could make them with less sugar, too, which is something I try to do. I love that they're minis because I always want just a bite or two of something to satisfy a craving.

Lemon Meltaways: If you could  taste photos, I know this one would just melt in your mouth! Wow do they look tasty. 

Lemon Bars: These good old-fashioned treats are always a go-to for me. I could have one every day and never get sick of it. They are wonderful with a nice hot cup of tea.

What lemony treats are you enjoy? Share them in the chat.

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Peeps Pepsi

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Peeps flavored Pepsi. Is that really what we need today? Pepsi apparently thinks so since it's collaborating with Peeps to create these Easter-themed sodas. You can't get them at the store, though. The FOMO will be real for the people who don't win the sweepstakes you have to enter to get a taste of these marshmallowy beverages.

Over 3,000 people will win, so you might have a good chance to win depending on how many enter. This may be a case where you're a winner whether you win or not.

Would you drink Peeps Pepsi? Do you plan to enter?

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Peanut Butter And Jelly Treats

What are your faves?

While I'm sure there are some people who don't enjoy peanut butter and jelly (and sadly, many who can't have it), I know there are lots of variations, alternatives and takes on the treat that can make it accessible to almost anyone who wants it. I grew up loving crunchy peanut butter with strawberry jam best, but I have rarely met a PB&J that I don't like!

I've seen everything from frozen Uncrustables to homemade recipes for the old favorite that take it in so many directions. I've seen it made with different types of butters to accommodate those with allergies, sugar-free variations for those who are avoiding or can't have sugar, and so many other types of different PB&J that I don't think I'll ever get bored with it.

This week I'm trying this recipe for low-sugar peanut butter and jelly fudge, of all things! It looks really fun and creative. I can't wait to try it. What's your favorite variation of the classic? Share your recipe in the chat.

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Favorite Easter Desserts

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Whether your celebrate Ostara, Easter, Seder or simply springtime, chances are there's a dessert you love that goes well with this time of year. For me, it's pastel petit fours and sugar cookies, lightly lemon-flavored goodness and earl grey tea cakes! Doesn't that sound scrumptious? I'd love a nice high tea right now with all of that and some delicious cucumber sandwiches.

The thing is, how can you be sure about using produce that's in season, especially when so many stores are selling out of season fruit and veggies lately? This list has a whopping 55 spring desserts in it that are all in season, so you're being kinder to the earth while you make your treats. The first treat? Lemon hibiscus cake! You know that's right up my alley!

What are your favorite spring treats to make and enjoy? Share them in the chat!

New Dessert Candies

These look almost too good to miss!

Have you heard about how Reese's, Hershey's, KitKat and other candies are becoming new layered desserts? They're called Colliders, and they are new layered desserts kept in the refrigerated section.

The treats come in three different styles. Twisted is a vanilla dessert that has a candy topping, while Chopped consists of desserts with chopped pieces inside. The Layered version has smooth chocolate topping instead.

I'm not terribly big on cold desserts, but these do look interesting enough to try. What do you think? Will you be trying them? If not, what is your current favorite dessert?


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The Fastest Desserts in the West

What do you whip up in less than 5 minutes?

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, you already know that when you want a treat, it needs to be quick! My grandma kept a tub of peanut butter by her bedside just for this reason, and her treat is also my favorite! I give it a twist by topping a spoonful with some dark chocolate chips. Yum!

Most of my desserts are on the quick and simple side. I'll blend heavy whipping cream with whatever flavor I have on hand to make a quick "pudding," or whip up a fast mug cake. I love making homemade shakes out of heavy whipping cream, coconut milk or almond milk, too.

What is your favorite way to make a fast dessert? Share it in the chat!

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