Halloween Desserts for Shipping

Send something spooky for Halloween!

If you're looking for a quick but yummy treat to send someone far away for spooky season, have you thought about dipped fruit or popcorn? There are a lot of companies that offer Halloween-themed treats that can be delivered in most states, and most of them are pretty adorable.

The Popcorn Factory has a really cute pumpkin tin full of popcorn, candy, cookies and other goodies that's ready to ship. Shari's Berries have the cutest dipped strawberries in fun fall themes. Candy Club has some treats that are to DIE for, like these missing body parts candies!

Do you know of an independent or local company who will ship Halloween goodies outside your area? Share them in the chat!

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Treats With Canned Pumpkin

What are you making?

Canned pumpkin is one of my all-time favorite dessert staples. I love that you can control how much sugar or sweetener you use and how very versatile it is. Canned pumpkin is good for smoothies, pies, baked goods, dips--even for dog tummies if you use it plain (no canned pie filling!). You'd better believe I keep a lot of that on hand in the fall!

One of my favorite things to make with canned pumpkin is a simple dip. I combine some seasonal spices with the pumpkin and a tub of whipped cream. Voila! You dip Nilla wafers, graham crackers, fruit, whatever you like in it. These 20 recipes look like they'd be wonderful to try, too. Pumpkin whoopee pies? Yes, please! There are some savory ones, too.

What canned pumpkin recipes do you like best? Share them in the chat.

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Welcome Fall with Dessert!

What are your favorite fall desserts?

The annual PSL from Starbucks really brings in the season for some of us much earlier than it should, even if we can't wait for it. Fall doesn't officially start until the Autumn Equinox and there's still time before then to enjoy some yummy treats to welcome in the season, or even wait to enjoy them during the Equinox on September 21. What will you eat to welcome fall?

For me, it's something with lots of apples. There's a restaurant that serves a mile-high apple pie that will do the trick, but if I'm baking at home I want an apple crisp with lots of brown sugar, which is probably my favorite ingredient! Then there are these delicious-looking pumpkin spice cheesecake enchiladas that are practically begging to be made. I also love to try a new fall drink from local coffee shops and breweries. The small shops always come up with such creative flavors.

What fall desserts are you welcoming the season with? Share your recipes in the chat.

Fall Chocolate Finds!

Share yours in the chat

The candy companies are advertising all of their fall flavors and I'm here for it! How about you? First, there was Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate's email about their Milk Pumpkin Spice Latte Bar, which is heavenly. Today's email is from Russell Stover, and it looks pretty awesome, too!

Russell Stover's caramel apple treats have nuts and look like the perfect little fall bite. They also have marshmallow pumpkins, candy corn flavored taffy, and even their usual treats with some cute fall branding. Right now you can save 15 to 20% off fall favorites by using the code FALL at checkout, too.

What fall goodies have you been seeing from candy companies lately? Share them in the chat. Be sure to post any coupons and deals you run across as well.


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Caramel Apples Galore

What apple desserts do you love?

It's apple-picking season and we are here for it! Our local orchard just sent us an email saying they have honeycrisp apples ready for picking, and although we were just there a few weeks ago to pick peaches, we are super excited to go apple-picking soon, too. As a fan of any kind of apple--from apples on grilled cheese to raw apple slices as a snack--I'm always excited over fresh ones, but my favorite apples are those used in desserts.

Apple cakes, pies, cupcakes... If it's baked and has apples I am so there for it, especially if cinnamon, brown sugar or caramel are involved! A good apple crisp is my personal favorite, but these 35 recipes have me making some serious plans. I know I'll also try a mile-high apple pie at my favorite place in Kimmswick, MO--the Blue Owl--as well as a caramel apple treat from the Kolache Factory.

What apple dishes do you love to eat or make this time of year? Share them in the chat! 

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Strawberry Cake Ideas

Share your favorites in the chat.

While strawberry picking season is over at most of the pick-your-own farms we visit, it's still peak strawberry season right now and perfect for making strawberry shakes, shortcake and other yummy berry treats. Did you know you can make a no-bake icebox cake with strawberries, too?

This recipe for a strawberry icebox cake reminds us that not only can cakes be delicious cold, but that they can be super easy to make, too. This recipe is perfect for an overnight cake that will help you cool off the next day! Each year I make my husband a chocolate eclair icebox cake for his birthday but this one, which is merely layers of graham crackers, whipped cream and strawberries, is even easier. 

Do you have a great strawberry recipe for this time of year? Share it in the chat!

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Personality via Dessert Pizza

Take this Buzzfeed Quiz to find your vibe

Are you a dessert pizza lover? I know I am. I like my dessert pizza with lots of fruit and a sweet, yogurt-based "sauce." Yum! But there are so many dessert pizzas out there for different palettes, from chocolate and nutella to more nuanced or unconventional flavors, and Buzzfeed says that they will reveal your vibe!

Have you ever considered, for example, building your dessert pizza not on traditional crust but on a pancake or brownie? How about a sugar cookie or cinnamon bun? Now we're talking. Take this quiz and see if Buzzfeed can guess what kind of vibe you have based on your dessert pizza.

What kind of vibe did you get? What kind of dessert pizza do you normally build for yourself at home? Share your recipes and results in the chat.

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Halloween Annual Treats And Goodies

What are you finding?

It's August and the Halloween treats are already rolling out. The irony is not lost, but the fact that so many sell out so fast means that Halloween flavor lovers may have to jump on goodies as soon as they appear! There shouldn't be a shortage of pumpkin spice, given how popular it is (and how widely available various PSL products are), but what about other annual favorites?

Count Chocula is one of my top priorities! It sells out so fast and last year it was impossible to nab a box where I live. As soon as it's available, share your links in the chat! Getting it online can cost almost $50 so it's pretty important to get it while it's hot, as are the other Monster Cereals if you're after them. 

What other Halloween flavors do you have on your must-get list? What are you already seeing? Share them in the chat!

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Academy of Treats

You've got to try these!

As longtime readers know, we're always on the lookout for delicious treats that are low in sugar, so when we heard about Academy of Treats we knew we had to try them out. After ordering them from Etsy last week (it turns out they have a website with better deals) they arrived in a few short days and wow, were we impressed!

These treats were sweet and packed with flavor. They have the texture of hard candy when you hold them, but they melt into a powdery, sweet-tart-like treat when you eat them. Needless to say, the set of 12 we ordered was gone the same day and we'll have to order again soon. This time we tried the Cheer sampler, which included lemon, strawberry, and blue raspberry, the latter of which was my favorite. Next time I know I want to try the fall set!

Have you tried any fun sugar-free treats this week? Share them in the chat!

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DQ's "Most Extreme Blizzard"

Have you tried it?

Peanut butter lovers may want to check out the latest Blizzard from DQ. The REESE's Extreme Blizzard is hailed as Dairy Queen's "most extreme Blizzard yet." It's not only made with peanut butter cups, but it also contains REESE's Pieces candies as well as a peanut butter topping. To give it even more flavor, it also features a chocolate topping. The treat is available for a limited time so if you want to check it out, do it sooner than later!

While I'm not a REESE's lover, I am a big fan of the combined baked goods with ice cream treats, so I was very disappointed when DQ canceled their cookie/ice cream combo. That warm cookie paired with a mini hot fudge sundae was the best! I'm hoping they bring something like that back soon.

Will you be trying the "most extreme Blizzard" anytime soon? If not, what frozen treat is on your mind lately? Tell us in the chat.