January 2018

Fruit Compote

Fruit is one of my all-time favorite desserts. I could probably only eat fruit-based desserts for the rest of my life and be okay with it. I love a good compote but the best compote has to be one that's pear-based. If you've never had warm pears before, it's something you have to try at some point in your life.

Cozy Warm Desserts

It's a great time of year to enjoy some warm, comforting desserts when you crave a sweet. Desserts don't often conjure ideas of warmth but we all know of some delicious, hot desserts that can be enjoyed on a wintery day. Do you enjoy lava cake with oozy chocolate? How about a warm cobbler with a tiny side of ice cream? Warm, fresh cake, croissants and other baked goods all come to mind.

Cheese Chips

When my mom was complaining about not being able to eat chips or crachers while she's on a low-carb diet, I told her she could make cheese crackers or chips. She scoffed that they'd still have carbs if they were crackers or chips. Maybe one carb per serving, depending on what you make!

Low-Carb Ice Cream

Whether you're hanging onto those New Year's resolutions or you just want to cut your sugar intake, you have to admit that doing so can be difficult--especially if you love dessert! Although I'm not a huge dessert eater I do enjoy some ice cream every now and then, and now I know about an ice cream brand that is low in sugar and carbs in general.

Peanut Butter Desserts

After jumping aboard the sugar-free train again this year, I haven't found myself craving junk all that much. I did ogle a sandwich yesterday while my daughter ate it, wanting the bread! Otherwise I've enjoyed a spoon of peanut butter once or twice when I craved a snack and found it to be very satisfying. I was wondering if others have great peanut butter ideas or recipes to use that work with low carb eating?