December 2017

Serving Tips

The holidays are upon us and if you're like many people, you love the desserts! From cakes to cookies, yule logs to king cake you are bound to have a favorite dessert. As excited as you might be to consume that treat, make sure you serve it correctly! If you don't, you could end up wasting some of it or making it look hideous, both of which aren't any fun. Check out these photos to see what some people have done in the past!

Oreo Creamer

Even though I don't purchase them often, I am a big fan of flavored creamers! When I heard the Cheesecake Factory was developing two new flavors for creamers I was pretty excited, and while I'm not a giant Oreo fan, I think I'll be happy to try out this new Oreo creamer that people are saying turns your coffee into a dessert. You have to know by now that many coffee creamers are desserts, right?

Marshmallow Moon is Here!

I have a love/hate thing with our Ben & Jerry's. We love the ice cream but we're not too keen on the staff. They do weird things, like not listening when we ask for something three times, drawing on my kid's artwork, commenting on her body and otherwise acting inappropriately. While I love the fresh stuff, these experiences have made us opt for ice cream elsewhere--and to buy our B&J's at the store. This works fine for the Marshmallow Moon special flavor that's available right now!