November 2017

Flower Injected Cakes

You've probably seen those gorgeous flower teas that open up inside clear teapots, resulting in beautiful, full flowers blooming inside pots. Although these are visual treats, many tea drinkers say that they're not the most impressive in terms of taste. The eyes eat first, though, so it's always fun to see gorgeous treats made into art!

S'mores Cupcakes

The idea of a s'mores is so delicious. I love every ingredient! Each ingredient alone, that is. When smashed together, a s'mores is really just too dry for me (I like milk with my graham crackers). How about you?

I do love a good s'mores flavor in something like a shake, however, and these s'mores cupcakes are no exception. They are rich and decadent, and instead of being bone-dry on the edges, it has a nice cake quality that is satisfying and sweet.