May 2017

Move Over, Unicorn Frapp

If you enjoy your dessert as a drinkable, coffee-themed or fruity creation, you may want to check out some of the off-menu items at Starbucks. The Unicorn frapp may be gone, but there are dozens of other Frappucino blends that you can create, customize and order as you please to make your own drinky dessert! The only catch is that you MUST know what ingredients and how many pumps of each you want since many baristas don't know the ingredients of every drink in the world. It's like going to the bar: you just have to know what's going into your drink.

Bacon Desserts

Yes, that is chocolate covered bacon. On a stick. Yes, it's delicious, as crazy as it sounds.

Have you ever had bacon for dessert? It sounds like such a ridiculous concept but more restaurants are catching on to this trend, offering up bacon goodies to eat everywhere you go. There's candied bacon, bacon ice cream, bacon parfait... Even Denny's features bacon desserts now and then!

Mother's Day Desserts

It's that time of year again: time to honor Mama! If you're like lots of people, you're looking for a great idea for a special meal or dessert to say thanks to your mother this year. Whether Mom loves sweet or savory foods, a dessert is usually a pretty good idea. So what are your plans?

Some Pasta House locations are giving Mom free cheesecake on Mother's Day, so there's an idea if you're working on a budget! You can also whip one up fairly cheaply