March 2017

Coffee Popsicles are a Thing

Since last week, I’ve tried the new One-Touch Latte from International Delight, and I have to say I was disappointed. I normally love their products, but this one required extra shaking and harder pressing than was indicated (in both the commercials and the product itself) to the point where I had to look up ways to troubleshoot it and get it to work! It also made the hot coffee spray up and hit me, which didn’t feel great.

Are you ready for Oreo tacos?

Move over, Taco Bell chicken taco shells, and say hello to the new Oreo dessert taco shells! OK, technically you can't buy these shells ready-made, but the people over at Healthy Junk Food recently faced off to create this miracle or monstrosity (you be the judge). This could be the perfect vehicle for your favorite ice cream and other desserts, or it could be just the thing to give you an uncomfortable food baby for a few days.

Favorite Comfort Desserts

There may not be a dessert more “American than apple pie,” but there are surely many other desserts that you prefer when it comes to satisfying that need for a comforting bite. It might be a favorite family recipe, like your grandparent’s German chocolate cake or strawberry shortcake, or maybe it’s a sumptuous special cocoa that your parent made you when you were troubled and unable to sleep.