August 2012

Never buy canned frosting again

Simple frosting recipes for your desserts

You finally decide to bake a cake, and you want it to taste delicious. As you look for something to frost your cake, you notice a huge display of canned icing at the grocery store. You are tempted to pick up a package, but before you do, know what's inside of that can...trans-fat! Yep, most canned frostings are packed full of deadly trans-fat and offer very little taste.

Is a little convenience worth jeopardizing your health? Before you frost your cake with that unhealthy, strangely shelf-stable mixture, consider whipping up a more natural option at home.

Make a statement with bold ice cream toppings

Chocolate, fruit and edible flowers

I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream!

Who hasn't heard that saying before? Now that we are in the middle of hottest summer I can recall, I've been screaming more frequently for my favorite frozen treat. I'll eat it on a cone or in a banana split, and I always add toppings to make it even yummier. Make your scoop of Blue Bell more exciting by experimenting with some bold ice cream toppings.