August 2011

Giant Candy Bar Menaces Tacoma Narrows Bridge

A terror alert was called in for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge yesterday. Authorities scrambled, only to find that the man with the "suspicious package" was holding a giant plastic candy bar as an advertising item.
Apparently he was standing on the sidewalk of the bridge, brandishing a mock candy bar that was two feet tall and six feet long. And for some reason someone panicked, I guess thinking that it might have been a bomb? A bomb that was six feet long, two feet tall, shaped like a pretend candy bar, and being brandished by a smiling man who was probably waving to traffic. Sure, why not? I mean, I don't know if you've heard, but it's almost September 11th. Can't be too careful.

Bacon is Taking Over the World!

It's in your dessert.

Last week I had the strangest dessert.  It was a pecan pie with a crust filled with bacon bits.  The crust was flaky and the bacon flavor was subtle enough that it didn't overwhelm the pecan flavor.  The bacon in the pie was still crisp, almost with the texture of those little Bacon Bits you put on salads and things. The bacon addition was the only sort of modern twist on a dessert as classic as pecan pie.  Not too surprsingly because it is so delicious, bacon is in quite a few desserts these days.  And it's not just chocolate-dipped strips at state fairs anymore.  Here are some of the best ideas for bacon desserts around: