November 2009

10 Ways to Make Ice Cream Healthier

Ice cream is delicious, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s not exactly the healthiest food for you to eat. Thankfully there are plenty of ways to make ice cream a bit more healthy for your body while you enjoy the sweet treat. Use one of the ideas below, or feel free to add your own.

10. Add Fruit

Pretty simple, right? Chop up some strawberries, slice a banana, or halve a peach and top with your favorite cool churned goodness. To make it even more healthy, use the ice cream more as a garnish or topping than the main dish and go heavier with the fruit.

9. Go Vegan

Many vegan ice creams are less fattening and healthier to eat than regular ice cream. Just be sure to check the labels before you buy—or make your own.

8. Say Yes to Fro Yo

Novelty Cake Recipes

This all started when I ran across the Omnomicon blog's astonishing post, How To Make A Rainbow Cake.  The pictures!  The colors!  The hilarious ingredients!  (Who puts diet soda in cake?)  The idea of cutting into such a brash cake!  The idea of "diet cake," which I had never contemplated before, but which I wholeheartedly support!

I was struck speechless as I read through Aleta's post.  In fact, I had to read it twice just to decide whether or not I liked it, or thought it was the most horrible abomination the world had ever seen.  I finally decided that I liked it, a lot, but it was a close call.

Listeria - Not Flooding - Caused The Great Eggo Crisis of 2009

As you may have heard by now, flooding at the Eggo plant has created a nationwide shortage of Eggo waffles.  The situation is so dire that sellers with stockpiled stores of Eggos have taken to selling them on eBay with a starting bid of $49.95, although one wonders how they will ship the frozen Eggos to keep them from thawing!