Yummy Blueberry Tarts

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Do you love a good tart? A yummy berry base with a flaky crust is the BEST, especially with a nice tea or even coffee. This lemon-blueberry version with almond cream, or Blueberry Frangipane, is fabulous, especially if you're a low-carb eater like me.  One slice has under 7 net carbs (a little over 12 total carbs) and I wish I had more to enjoy today! If you've never enjoyed frangipane, definitely give this one a go because you'll want it again and again.

My favorite type of tart, though, has to be blackberry, which is my favorite fruit to use in any dessert. This lemon curd tart with blackberries looks like it's right up my alley and I'll have to make that one next! I'll be honest with you, dessert lovers: I'm an impatient cook, and I tend to make BIG mistakes by not following every step, especially the WAIT FOR IT step! If a recipe says to let something sit, especially if it's a cream cheese or butter that needs to be room temperature, for Pete's sake, let it sit! You will regret making it chunky. I've wasted too many avocados doing that! Avocados make a great tart base, too, by the way.

What kinds of tarts do you like best? Share your recipes in the chat!


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