The Weirdest Shake You've Ever Had

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Foie gras in a milkshake? That sounds absolutely horrifying to me for multiple reasons, but it's definitely something that some people drink. Strange shakes are all the rage right now, and people seem to think that anything can be made into one. In most cases, I'd agree and say why not, but some of them (like the foie gras) I'm just not okay with!

There are also shakes made with chicken nuggets, buffalo chicken and bacon. I've actually had a shake topped with candied bacon and it was pretty good, but it's candied. Bacon. I don't think sweet potato is a weird ingredient, given that sweet potato pie is so delicoius, and anyone freaking out over avocado shakes, well... you should try it! Creamy avocado can be used for any drink, pudding, etc. base as long as you add flavor, and if you're fat adapted it's even better for you.

What is the weirdest shake you've ever had? Share it in the chat.

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