Veggies for Dessert

Try it and you might like it!

Arugula on your cake? At Gramercy Tavern, you can taste just this on pear cake with bleu cheese mousse. Is it really that surprising, given how so many ice cream parlors are coming up with odd veggie flavors? Chefs are creating new desserts from everything from corn and sweet potatoes (understandable) to squash and fennel. Many of these vegetables are already packed with sugar (ask a LCHP dieter when they last time they had corn was!) so it makes sense to include them, but what about the restaurants making treats out of artichokes, olives and celery?

Well, celery is just the vessel to get whatever yummy thing to your mouth, right? All joking aside, these are real desserts that chefs are coming up with and some of them look very intriguing. From purple carrot sorbet to curry ice cream with lemongrass, chiles and cilantro, there's a wide world of flavors to experience out there.

Which of these sound like something you would try? Would you eat veggies for dessert? Share your thoughts in the comments.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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