Variations On The Rice Krispie Treat

What are your favorites?

Dessert lovers, I love marshmallows so much. I even buy marshmallow-scented candles, soap and body oil to wear! You might say I'm even known for it in my family. I'm literally burning a marshmallow candle right now! So any dessert with marshmallows, especially melted or burned and roasted the way I like them best, is good in my book. My teen is making rice krispie treats tonight and while I love them plain, I couldn't help but think of all the fun variations there are for this particular treat.

From chocolate chips to candies, food coloring to flavored marshmallows (now there's an idea!), there are so many things we can do! I wanted to check in with other dessert fans to see what you like to add to your rice krispie recipes, and to see if there's a secret ingredient that makes them pop! I also tend to make treats that fall apart, which is fine because I love the ooey gooeyness, but I'd also love a bit more shape, so if you have some tips, let me know.

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