Thanksgiving Desserts

Share your favorites!

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away! Are you in panic mode yet? In my family, everyone brings dishes to share so the load isn't all on one person (although my mom tends to take on more), and we all live within half an hour of one another so it doesn't make it too difficult. That makes it fairer, but it also gives us all more time to enjoy each other's company and play hilarious games.

There's also a tradition for the men to bake pies for dessert that came about when my cousins and uncle did it one year and it just stuck. We typically just have the pies, but lately I've been thinking about other desserts. Blame McAllister's new Cinnabon cheesecake for getting my mouth watering! So I'm thinking about something new and different this year.

What does your family have for Thanksgiving dessert? Do you serve up anything homemade or even weird? Share your recipes in the chat!

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