Super Easy Pumpkin Pudding

Or make your own keto pumpkin mousse!

It's the season of all things pumpkin, but that doesn't mean that everything has to be complex--or that you have to venture out and spend a lot of money on desserts. In fact, if you have a bottle of pumpkin spice syrup or a spice mix on hand, you can pretty much make whatever you want. I like to blend pumpkin spice blends with my coffee and some cream or coconut milk for a frothy treat!

You can also make an easy pumpkin spice pudding by just adding your pumpkin spice syrup to vanilla pudding and preparing it as normal. If you have pure pumpkin, you can obviously still use that, too! If you eat keto, you can whip up your own keto mousse and add pumpkin spice to it, too. Just go easy on it since it has a lot of fat and can make you feel really full or even cause issues in the bathroom later. 

What pumpkin spice treats will you be making this fall? Share your recipes in the chat!

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