Summer Oreo Flavors

Are you excited about them?

With summer comes all things Oreo and the company is not disappointing this year. There are some returning flavors on this year's rotation as well as new ones, so check them out!

Limited Edition S'mores: I've already tried these and they are FANTASTIC. A little goes a long way with me when it comes to sweets but it's easy to eat too many of these babies. They are definitely sweet but they definitely taste like all the goodness of summer.

Latte Cream Thins: In June we'll get to taste these awesome sounding treats. I love all things coffee flavored and can't wait to sample them.

Marshmallow Moon: Moon landing anniversary Oreos with purple filling? I can't think of anything more fun. Those will also be in June, and the package will glow in the dark!

Mint Chocolate Chip: I'm already there. This is a partnership between Oreo and Baskin Robin, y'all. And they'll be here in July.

Maple Cream: These are the ones that I'm least excited about, but I'll try them. I do like Trader Joe's maple cookies and these sound similar. They will feature golden oreos instead of chocolate and they'll be out in August.


Which flavor do you want to try most? Any that you hate? Discuss in the chat!




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