St. Patrick's Day Treats

Whip up something yummy

If you just want something green this St. Patrick's Day, you won't have to work very hard. You can always just get some green macrarons, a Shamrock shake or some of that terrible green popcorn that so many grocery stores sell. But if you want to whip up a little something special to celebrate with friends and family, there are lots of fun things you can make, too.

Key lime donuts with cream cheese frosting look incredible for a green feast, as does green velvet cake. You can easily swap in some green food coloring to make many of your favorite desserts a little more celebratory for the holiday! From St. Patrick's Day Brownie Trifle to Lucky Charms cookies and treats, there are really endless possibilities here. 

My family and I love to just add green food coloring to pancakes for St. Patrick's Day (and blue on April Fool's Day) for just a bit of fun! What do you like to do in your family? Share your recipes and ideas in the chat.

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