Spring Noms

Because every season has its indulgences

We usually think of "the holiday season" when it comes to seasonal desserts, but every season has its special treats. Springtime means pastel petit fours (AKA super cute tiny cakes), jewel tone macarons and flower-shaped sugar cookies in my book! I love going to the pastry shop at this time of year and seeing the tiny confections shaped like bunnies, carrots and eggs, not only because they're cute but because I'm happy to have just one small treat rather than bringing home a big box of them! 

For those who enjoy making springtime treats at home, here is a great list of goodies you can try your hand at that look and sound delectable. Lemon yogurt cake? Oh, yes please! (You know it's also lemon cake pop season at Starbucks, right?) The pastel eclairs, strawberry lemon bars and lavender ice cream pie all have me so excited about springtime (even if my allergies are currently giving me a run for my money). I'm pinning several of these to make with the kids this year.

What about you? What are you favorite springtime desserts? Share them in the chat!

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