Slavery In Your Chocolate

Big Names Can't Promise It's Not In It

It's one thing for big businesses to claim ignorance when it comes to issues that effect us all, but when they simply refuse to act on them we have to come together to demand that they stop. Mars, Nestle and Hershey, some of the biggest candy sellers in the world, promised to go child labor-free decades ago, but today if you ask, they refuse to state that they don't use slavery in their products. 

The reason why? They don't even know where all of their cocoa comes from, which is outrageous! Can you imagine not being able to tell your customers where your product comes from? Just about every small business can tell you exactly where everything they work with comes from--or at least where its products were sourced. Between them, none of the companies here can trace back half of where there chocolate comes from--in some cases, even less!

The best thing we can do is refuse to buy anything from these companies until they can sell fair trade chocolate. Why is it that companies who do sell fair trade chocolate can make the promise and these big three cannot?

Do you buy fair trade chocolate? If so, share your favorite brands below in the chat.

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