The Science Behind Baked Alaska

Food experiments at their best!

My family has been making its way through the book Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects this month, and some of the experiments involve some of our favorite kinds of projects: kitchen science! Kitchen science is really fun because it almost always involves things you have on hand already and you often get to eat what you make while you learn about how it was possible in the first place. Cool!

If you've never enjoyed Baked Alaska, you can easily find a recipe for this old-fashioned but delicious food, but if you want to know WHY the ice cream remains cold, how this science is used in the real world (i.e. igloos), and how to "Take It Further" (make mini baked Alaskas!), you have to check out this book. You'll also learn how to make other fun desserts, like rock candy.

What is your favorite dessert "experiment"? Share it in the chat!



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