Salt in Desserts

Are you a fan?

A friend of mine loves salted caramel so much that she's in denial about it being a seasonal item at Starbucks and brings her own salt! I say more power to her; I bring my own ingredients all of the time, too. But whose idea was it to start mixing sweet with salt in the first place? 

I love salt in my caramel cocoa, and sometimes even on a brownie. I saw vanilla salt at the store the other day and it made me think of all kinds of possibilities; have you ever had salt on your ice cream, for example? Knowing the different types of salt might help you determine which ones to use in desserts, if you enjoy them in your desserts, that is. Or you can just do what Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation does and mix salt and sugar together to make salger... ugh. 

Do you like salt on your desserts? If so, which desserts?

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