Orange Cake

What's your favorite recipe?

While I'm not a huge fan of adding a lot of citrus to savory foods, I love me some citrus cake and desserts. The other day I had a lemon-blueberry bar that was pretty much Heaven in your mouth, and I will always love orange-chocolate flavor combinations. Both are my favorite flavors of ice cream/gelato, too.

So I knew this recipe for orange cake just has to be made. I love that it's paleo, and you could swap some things around to make it low-carb if you wanted to do so, but I also love how simple it is with just a few easy ingredients. The author says it makes a wonderful holiday cake and I could definitely see that, and I'd love to enjoy it with a hot cafe mocha! 

Do you have any good citrus or orange cake recipes to share? I'd love to see how you whip up citrusy desserts! Share your favorites in the chat.

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