Not-Desserts That Are Such Desserts

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In the modern world, corn syrup and sugar are added to just about everything, so it's no wonder that so many foods that we don't consider to be desserts are still pretty much desserts. Take candied yams; between the brown sugar and marshmallow, how did this even end up as a side dish instead of a dessert reserved for the end of the meal?

In my case, it's definitely coffee. I'm a sucker for any s'mores, chocolate or salted caramel coffee, and even if I make it without sugar it's still more like a dessert than the coffees our grandparents drank in the morning. If you drive through Starbucks you're definitely going to see a lot more dessert-y coffees than not! Americans tend to drink their sugar, and a lot of drinks--from flavored lemonades to teas, sports drinks and other beverages--are pretty much dessert in a cup.

What foods and drinks do you regularly enjoy that are more like desserts than actual foods or beverages? Share them in the chat!

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