Nightmare Before Christmas Goodies

Got any ideas?

This Friday is my kiddo's annual Halloween teen party, which means pumpkin chuckin', costumes and lots of treats! We have a monthly teen night already, but the Halloween one is always the most popular event. This year I'd like to offer up some yummy themed goodies without paying too much. I'd love to have some Nightmare Before Christmas goodies, and while I found these great Jack pops that look very easy to make, I'd love some more ideas!

I usually put candy in jars and call it things like "unicorn poop," and all of the kids bring snacks to share, but I always wish for something cute to serve at the last minute that I A. didn't plan or budget for, or B. that I don't have time to make. So something cheap and easy would be perfect, especially if I can whip it together right before the party and after apple and pumpkin picking that morning!

So what do you think? Have any wonderful ideas in terms of Halloween goodies? Share them in the chat! 

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