Mini Desserts for Thanksgiving

Perfect bites for post-feast treats

There's never too much food when it comes to Thanksgiving, but who has room for all of that pie afterward? Sure, you might wait a few hours to indulge, but by then you are probably ready for leftovers anyway. Instead of feasting on whole pies during Thanksgiving, how about planning a few mini desserts to enjoy instead?

Mini Thanksgiving desserts are a great way to have a few sweet bites without over-indulging or committing to a large dessert that you just can't eat! This list of 40 different mini desserts is full of ideas that will please even the pickiest eater in your house. From pumpkin spice pretzel bites to caramel stuffed cookies, pumpkin cannoli to pumpkin pie bombs, there are some utterly delicious ideas. 

Do you make mini treats for your holiday feasts? Share your favorites with recipes and photos in the chat!


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