Hot Chocolate Churro Mugs

Eat them while you enjoy your hot chocolate!

Before you even contemplate making this recipe, please keep in mind that the chocolate mentioned is the thick, gooey Spanish hot chocolate that many people know and love and NOT the wet hot cocoa drink which is also good but not stable in this mug! If you pour cocoa into this mug I'm sure it might still be good, but it will get super soggy quick and it won't hold.

Lovers of hot chocolate and churros, rejoice--now you can enjoy your favorite dessert without bothering to dip it! You can actually make a mug-shaped churro and fill it with hot chocolate. It takes a bit of time and effort (especially if you're used to just buying your dessert ready made from a shop) but it's a fun dessert to try to make! Follow the instructions here and see how you like this twist on the dessert.

What other fun desserts have you made into bowls or mugs? Share your recipes below!

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