Holiday Treats For Teens

Share your favorite ideas!

I've been hosting monthly teen parties for a few years and if there's anything I've learned, it's that teens can eat a LOT! We usually have enough as long as everyone brings something to share, and it's always fun to make something cute or exciting that you know they'll enjoy eating. Hearing them exclaim over a treat is one of my favorite parts, and while I'm not always able to make something homemade, I do try to when I can.

For my upcoming holiday teen event, I'm thinking about making rice krispy treats with the new holiday-themed cereal. It's so pretty and I bought a box anyway, so all I need are marshmallows. That said, it's rather sticky, and it COULD be more festive, which is why I'm thinking about making something even more exciting, which leads me here.

What kinds of treats have you served to teens? What's your best holiday finger food or treat? Savory and sweet are both welcome so share your ideas in the chat! 

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