Healthier Ice Cream Treats

What's your favorite?

There are endless ideas for a healthier-for-you ice cream. Many people like to freeze grapes and pop them, while others freeze and mash up bananas for "ice cream." Then, of course, there are various custards and yogurts made with healthier alternatives, depending on what healthier means for your body type and unique nutritional needs. 

If you eat a low-sugar diet, for example, you might implement peanut butter, lime and other flavors into different types of ice cream meant to be compatible with your needs. Raspberry chocolate chip is a  favorite low-carbohydrate flavor, as are avocado pops that aren't made with dairy at all. In fact, one of my favorite desserts, which is simply mixing avocado, cocoa powder and stevia until you get mousse, can be made in a similar fashion.

When you crave ice cream, but can't indulge in the actual thing or just want something more compliant with your own nutritional standards, what do you make? Share your recipes in the chat.

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