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Share your fall goody bucket list!

It's fall, y'all, even if it doesn't feel like it just yet! It's the season of cooler weather (eventually...), pumpkin patches, hayrides and apple picking. In short, it's the most wonderful time of the year! Many people set fall bucket lists for this time of year and include fall treats to enjoy, so my question is this: what fall goodies do you hope to have this season?

Of course pumpkin spice everything, from lattes to Cheerios, and caramel apples will probably be on your list, but cinnamon on its own seems to be making a comeback. Friday is Cinnamon Roll Day and Dairy Queen has a new shake with that flavor! Maple is also a great flavor for this time of year, even if it's not really maple season, and lot of restaurants have spooky pancakes. IHOP even has Addams Family themed foods right now. Starbucks has their annual salted caramel mocha back, which is a must-have every year for me.

What fall treats are on your bucket list? Share them in the chat!

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