Halloween Fudge

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With Halloween coming up just around the corner, many of us are thinking about what kinds of sweets and treats we can not only give out to trick-or-treaters, but at our various work, school and personal gatherings. Fudge is usually a great choice, given how many people love chocolate, and if no one is allergic to any of the ingredients, why not make some Halloween fudge?

You could make it in Halloween shapes, such as bat or skeleton molds, or you could make it with Halloween flavors, like this recipe made with candy corn, chocolate and white chocolate. You can even dye the white chocolate for a truly festive touch! Or you could make a really simple recipe and drizzle some red jam--strawberry or raspberry--to make it look like it's ribboned with blood. You could also simply press in some ghost or teeth candies in the top for a quick theme change without a complicated recipe.

What kinds of Halloween fudge do you like to make? Share your trademark recipes in the chat.

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