Girl Scout Cookie Concoctions

What's your favorite?

If you're like me, you might already be tired of cookie season! Girl Scouts are everywhere asking for you to buy cookies and who has the heart to say no? I always say yes if I can but wow can they get expensive AND sugary! At one Girl Scouts stand I saw they were actually selling with a restaurant where you can order shakes made with the cookies themselves! Can you believe it?

It's too delicious and decadent, I know. You'd have to share one! The Girl Scouts website even lists a bunch of cool recipes you can make at home after you buy cookies. From caramel bars to chocolate bark and much more, you can make almost anything out of the famous cookies and I bet it would win you an election, they'd be so good. What is IN those things anyway??

Do you cook anything out of Scout cookies? What do you make? Share your recipes below.


photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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