Fun Campfire Desserts

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What is it about camping that makes every bite taste better? I think a plain baloney sandwich is amazing when I'm camping! It's probably because we work so hard all day just to, you know, exist, so you're just hungrier. Camping desserts are even more scrumptious! Have you ever had Dutch oven peach cobbler? Oh my...

These yummy looking campfire treats look much easier than the Dutch oven, plus they can all be made over an open fire, giving you a little more wiggle room. The Cinnamon rolls look easy enough for a child to help with; in fact, all of these desserts look family friendly. We've made the banana boats before and they are very easy and tasty. That orange cake is something I want to try the next time we camp!

What campfire recipes do you like best? Share your favorites in the chat!

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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