Fruit Compote

What's your favorite kind?

Fruit is one of my all-time favorite desserts. I could probably only eat fruit-based desserts for the rest of my life and be okay with it. I love a good compote but the best compote has to be one that's pear-based. If you've never had warm pears before, it's something you have to try at some point in your life.

To make a pear compote, you can create one with some Bosc pears, oranges and raisins. Follow the recipe here and feel free to add any complementary fruits that you enjoy. The brown sugar really makes this recipe but you can alter it to your tastes however you wish. If you love a crust with your dessert, make it into an easy crumble or cobbler and serve it with a side of rich ice cream.

What is your favorite fruity dessert? Share your recipe in the chat!


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