Favorite Savory Dips

What's your favorite recipe?

Strictly speaking, dips aren't actually dessert material unless they're of the sweet variety, but for those who prefer savory bites, a dip can make a fantastic end-of-meal treat or a snack on its own with your favorite dippables, whether they be pita chips, crisps, pretzels or vegetables. I've always been a dip lover and have enjoyed dips my whole life, so I'll often take a good savory dip over a sweet one any day. Ranch and French onion are some of my all-time favorites, and both are so much better when made with fresh ingredients. 

This recipe for French onion dip is a winner. The minced garlic gives it a real kick and the celery seeds and dry mustard make it so much yummier than any variety you'll buy at the store. That said, my all-time favorite ranch dip is the Cheesecake Factory's recipe. I don't know their recipe and while I've found a few recipes that taste an awful lot like it, I've never tasted anything that is an exact match.

So what are your favorite dip recipes? What about dippers? Share your favorites in the chat!

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