Easy and Quick Keto Treats

With just a few ingredients!

Lots of people bake keto treats or go out and get a bunch of ingredients to make keto substitutions, and that's totally fine. I think if you enjoy it especially, you should do it. I like baking, but most of the time I'd rather go buy something someone else has made! But if you're craving something sweet to hit the spot RIGHT NOW, I totally feel you, and I have a few things that might help.

Quick Keto "Mousse": You can make this so fast, especially if you use a blender, but I'll even just stir it up until it's done. Whip up some heavy cream until it makes whipped cream, then stir in whatever you're craving--cocoa powder with steivia for chocolate, some canned pumpkin and spices for pie, vanilla extract, etc. You can even get sugar free syrups to make wilder flavors like blue raspberry.

Treat on a Spoon: Primitive but effective! Get a spoonful of almond butter (or any nut butter you like) and add on some sugar free or dark chocolate chips. Sprinkle on cinnamon if you like. Bam! Instant treat that's almost a fat bomb.

Coffee Treat: Blend your coffee with any combo of these ideas to make a quick coffee treat. I love to mix cocoa powder, cinnamon, a bit of stevia and coconut oil in mine. 

What do you do when the cravings hit? Share your quick treats in the chat.

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