The Easiest Keto Dessert Ever

Super easy and delicious

When I'm deep into keto, I don't really have many sugar cravings, but there are times when I do still want a taste of something sweet-ish. When I crave chocolate, I'll usually buy a chocolate bar that's mostly cacao, which does the job. If I don't have access to a store, I'll whip this mousse up. My version is a little easier, but the recipe here's still easy if you want cinnamon!

All you have to do mix a cup of heavy cream with three tablespoons of cocoa powder, a dash of cinnamon and the sweetener of your choice to your tastes. That's it! Just blend until it's a whipped yum-yum and devour. I'll get about four servings out of that but your miles may vary. I store it in the fridge and I think it's even better cold. 

What's your favorite easy dessert to whip up? Share it in the chat!

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