Dessert Cocktails

Let's make one now, shall we?

Whether you have a sweet tooth or you're just looking for a really fun way to cool off, boozy desserts are the way to go. So many of them even include ice cream, and what could be better than that? A summr granita featuring Bailey's sounds completey irrisistable, and I definitely needs these s'mores pudding shots in my life. has seven of these scrumptious recipes you can try out before the summer's through.

Of course, you can always just blend your favorite booze with some ice cream for a super quick boozy shake! Kaluha works well in chocolate, and just about anything can go well with vanilla ice cream. This time of year, you almost have to mix in some fresh fruit; I'd go with peaches myself. Go peach picking beforehand and get some really fresh ones!

What kinds of boozy desserts do you like best? Share your favorites in the chat!

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