Cozy Warm Desserts

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It's a great time of year to enjoy some warm, comforting desserts when you crave a sweet. Desserts don't often conjure ideas of warmth but we all know of some delicious, hot desserts that can be enjoyed on a wintery day. Do you enjoy lava cake with oozy chocolate? How about a warm cobbler with a tiny side of ice cream? Warm, fresh cake, croissants and other baked goods all come to mind.

My favorite comforting warm dessert is probably a fresh, homemade brownie. If that thing is so melty it's almost oozing, it's pretty much comfort in your belly. Add some raspberry jam or caramel and it's pure heaven on earth. For my husband, it means apple pie or even strudel, and my daughter loves a good cookie lava cake. My mom's chocolate chip cookie bars also come to mind.

What is your favorite hot or warm comfort dessert? Share your recipe and memories in the chat.


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