Cool Off with Icebox Desserts

Make a chilly treat to beat summer heat

Lemon ice box pie. Mmm. Just the sound of it makes the mouth water, right? Not only are they among the easiest desserts to create, but they are so cool and refreshing that it's almost like bringing a big pitcher of lemonade along with you. Sigh. Yum. If you have a summer picnic, barbecue or other outdoor activity where you need to bring a dessert, an ice box dessert is the way to go!

It doesn't have to be lemon, either. You can make berry-flavored ice box desserts, lime variations, even chocolate! The only rule is to keep it cool so you can pick any kind of ice box treat that you like. How about a cool bread pudding dessert? Or maybe a summer pudding? Click the link for a scrumptious recipe.

Do you have a gorgeous summer dessert you're dying to share? Post it in the chat and share your photos, too.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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