Cheese Chips

Pure cheese. Nothing else.

When my mom was complaining about not being able to eat chips or crachers while she's on a low-carb diet, I told her she could make cheese crackers or chips. She scoffed that they'd still have carbs if they were crackers or chips. Maybe one carb per serving, depending on what you make!

Cheese chips are so easy to make. Take any hard or semi-hard cheese you like, grate it, and put little piles of it down on parchment paper on top of a baking sheet. Cook it until they're crispy and you're done! You can make different consistencies to see what you like the best, add herbs, whatever you like. You can even dip them! You can also buy them at the store now.

Have you ever made low-carb chips or crackers? What do you use?

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