Cake for One

Because sometimes you just want a bite!

Most people like cake, and many love it, but sometimes an entire cake is just too much. Even in my family of three, if I bake a standard-size cake in a pan, much of it often goes uneaten simply because we all only wanted a piece or two. That's why we usually reserve cake for days with company or parties.

There are alternatives to baking entire cakes, though! Not only can you make a cake in a coffee cup (we love Trader Joe's cookie butter warmed up into cake form in the microwave!), but you can actually buy little mixes meant to make single cake servings in lots of different flavors. Duncan Hines now has "Perfect Size for One" cakes in all kinds of different flavors, and for $2.50, you get four little mini-cakes to heat and serve.

Do you make little single-serving cakes? If so what recipes do you like to use?

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