Brookie Recipes

The dessert for when you can't make up your mind

If you're ever in the mood for both a brownie and a cookie but can't make a decision, it's definitely brookie time. A brookie is a combination between a brownie and a cookie, combining the best of both worlds. You can even customize a brookie with a swirl of cinnamon, raspberry jam or caramel, top it with some salt or other fun additions to satisfy your cravings.

The easiest version of the recipe that I've found is this one, which calls for pre-made mixes and is only semi-homemade, but you can really sub in any recipes that you like for cookies and brownies and follow the same directions. This is a great snack to serve at parties that will impress both cookie and brownie lovers! Personally the best brookies I've had have been in bakeries, and the store-bought ones I've bought ready-made haven't been anywhere as good as the ones we've made at home, but you can always try one out first to see if you'll like it or not.

Do you have a special version of the brookie that works really well? Share your recipes in the chat.

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