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With berries ripe and fresh right now, it's the best time of year to get or make a good sorbet. I love sorbets made from just about every kind of berry, not to mention citrus versions. Lemon or orange? Be still, my heart. So I knew I had to pin this no-churn berry sorbet recipe, especially when I saw it was low-carb. As long as you have some sweetener, almond or walnut oil and your berries, you could totally make this. 

Then there's this recipe for raspberry-kiwi sorbet, which is not only beautiful, but also under 50 calories per serving, making it a great treat for many people. You know what else is good with these recipes? Mixing them up with some sparkling water. YUM. If you eat low-carb, you know that oranges are full of sugar, so they're harder to work with than berries, which tend to be a pretty healthy keto treat as long as you keep to a serving. This recipe offers an orange sorbet alternative that you may want to experiment with.

What are your favorite sorbet recipes? Post them in the chat!

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