All Things Rainbow

Share your rainbow recipes!

It's Pride Month, the perfect time to celebrate with desserts of every color! My LGBTQ loved ones and I have been loading up on all things rainbow, from socks to crafts we've made, to celebrate and honor our loved ones at an upcoming event, but we haven't really planned a lot of the eats yet. Aside from unicorn poop cookies, we're still deciding on the desserts to serve and that's where you come in!

One of my favorite people would love some great rainbow recipes that aren't too fruity. They are not a fan of skittles (m&ms are good, though!) or other similarly tasting candies that are fruit-oriented. I ran across this list of ideas and many will work perfectly. The cheesecake is a great idea, and I would love some Timbits right now. All of our Tim Hortons closed down and I need an excuse to make these anyway! For my person, I'd have to alter it a bit to avoid the fruit filling--maybe vanilla?

What kinds of goodies are you making this month? Share your recipes in the chat!

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