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Anytime I smell coconut, I get a craving for my favorite coffee, which is coconut oil with cinnamon and cream. YUM. Cinnamon is my favorite sweet these days, which is weird since I normally only like it during the holidays. I've come across some really yummy cinnamon recipes and wanted to share some with you.

First there is this cinnamon mug cake, which not only looks SO easy but also so delicious! And that frosting? Ohhh myyy. Sub in coconut flour if you want to cut some of those carbs!

Next, take a look at this crumb cake. Holy moly. I want that for my birthday, how about you? My mom makes a wicked cinnamon spice cake with the mix. She has a few secret ingredients that make it really pop!

What is your favorite cinnamon treat? Share the recipe in the chat

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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