Addams Family At IHOP

We need these purple-topped pancakes!

Denny's and IHOP seem to have some competition when it comes to upcoming movies and themed foods that go with them, and it's so much fun to try both of the chain's wares. Not long ago Denny's had some fun Lord of the Rings items on the menu, and this year IHOP is featuring Addams Family themed foods!

The adorable menu, which is for a limited time, will feature things like Wednesday's web cakes (complete with spider webs and purple icing), Gomez's green chile omelette, Uncle Fester's chocolate ice scream shake, Morticia's haunted hot chocolate and a kooky kids' combo. Poor Pugsly looks like he's left out, not to mention Thing, Lurch and Grandmama, but it still looks really fun to try.

Will you be eating any of these Addams specialties? Share your reviews in the chat!

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