Review: Twinstar Bakery Caramel Sundae Cake

Have you tried this cake?

If you’ve never had the Twinstar Bakery Caramel Sundae Cake from Wal-Mart, you’re in for a treat. Under $6, it’s a decadently delicious caramel-flavored cake with two different kinds of caramel icing: an actual icing and a caramel drizzle that’s runny and amazing.

The cake itself it not the best you’ll ever eat, but it’s a fine base for the delicious caramel sauce that covers it. It’s decorated with a single cherry, which makes it just elegant enough to bring to a family picnic or barbecue. Be sure to bring some small plates and forks as well as a knife to slice it up well.

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Caramel Sundae

I found this cake to be delicious and wanted to buy several to have on hand (freezer) - and found out this was only a promotional item for Mother's Day at WalMart - please tell me where/how I can purchase.......Fantastic cake. Why does WalMart not have this all the time - it would definitely be a best seller.


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There are several of us that would like to purchase this regularly. If it can be bought else where I also would like to know!!!


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