Fun Halloween desserts

Trick or treat!
Halloween is an ancient harvest celebration that is basically all about candy and desserts. That's why we love it!
You won't want to hand out slices of cake for the trick-or-treaters, and you wouldn't want to bake enough cake pops to feed your entire office. So it's important to think about the venue before you choose a dessert. (And don't ever pick cake pops, anyway. Way too much work for the minimal payoff.)

Dessert for One: Mug Cake Recipes

Sometimes I want to make a quick dessert at home, but do not want to make a huge cake or a large pan of brownies because I know that I will just end up eating half the pan. I live with my boyfriend, but he does not have a sweet tooth as I do, and will leave much of the dessert left for me to drool over until I cave in and eat it all. It is then unhealthy if I eat too much of the dessert and wasteful if I throw it out. A good solution to this problem is making a little mug cake for one to enjoy. I found a basic recipe online, and change it up for myself depending on my mood. You simply stir a few basic ingredients into a mug or bowl and pop it in the microwave. It is that easy.

5 Desserts to Make With Ice Cream

Sure, it’s winter. Sure, it’s cold out. Ice cream desserts are great any time of year, though. You do not have to neglect your favorites just because the temperature dips below 30 degrees. That, plus I am craving ice cream this week. Magic Shell rules in my house, just like it did in the 80’s. For a more sophisticated approach, here are a few of my favorite ways to throw together an ice cream dessert.

1.    Loaf of Yum: Line a loaf pan with plastic wrap while softening ice cream on your kitchen counter. Fill loaf pan approximately ¼ full with ice cream and re-freeze. Repeat with 3 more flavors, re-freezing after each. When you are ready to serve, simply turn out onto a platter and remove the wrap. 

Decadent Italian Desserts You Must Try: American Apple Cannot Even Compare

Tiramisu, Cannoli, Pizzelles, and Gelato

When it comes to delicious, decadent desserts, the Italians have it mastered. Show me an Italian dessert, and I will show you an empty plate very quickly. Italians tend to think beyond the traditional cakes, cookies and pies that Americans have grown accustomed to. Italian desserts have unique textures and flavor profiles and are prepared with ingredients that blend to produce a dessert that is nothing but extraordinary. Here are some of the most delicious, decadent Italian desserts that I have had the pleasure of trying:

20 Foods To Dip In A Chocolate Fondue


OK. Maybe I am caught in a time warp, but I love fondue. It just screams Christmas to me. As a child, my family attended a late Christmas Eve service each year and then returned home hungry, yet too late to cook. My moms’ solution was appetizers. We always had quite a spread. My mom set everything up and my dad made a fire. We all just kind of nibbled and talked until the kids needed to head to bed before Santa’s big arrival. There was always a chocolate fondue on that spread. I remember it fondly. What do you exactly dip in chocolate fondue? Your finger? A spoon? All viable solutions, but the following list works, too.

Top 5 Decadent Desserts For The Holidays

Calories? Who said anything about calories?!

Sick of cookies? Wanna indulge? Try one of these for your next holiday celebration.

1.    Cheesecake: I admit that I am a cheesecake snob. If it’s not mine, it better be from Carnegie Deli in NYC. That’s just how I roll. No fruit. No sour cream goo spread on top. Everyone has their own preference though and what better time to have a friendly debate than a family get-together, right?!

Cool Whip Vs. Whipped Cream: Which is Your Favorite?

Let's face it, almost no desert is complete without a great, big dollop of whipped topping on it. I come from a family that always used Cool Whip when a delicious dessert topping was desired. I would always admire whipped cream in a can when I was a child, though, because it obviously looked so fun to squirt out and make fun designs out of. I then went through a stage in high school when whipped topping was whipped topping. It all tasted the same to me, and I could not have cared less which one I ate because they were both delicious to me. I now can tell a great difference in the tastes, and love whipped cream on ice cream and Cool Whip on pie. I do not know why. There is that new commercial out for a brand of real whipped cream where the restaurant waitress asks the customer whether she wants "oil or cream" on her pie. Yes, Cool Whip does contain oil. Oil is on the no-no list of many Americans. The truth is that I believe that both toppings have their place in our society, and here is why:


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