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Review: Duncan Hines Perfect Size for One Cake

To help satisfy a sweet tooth, my husband picked up some of these single-serve cakes. A full cake often gets wasted in our small house of three (why we don't just bake small cakes and freeze half, I don't know, but I will have to do that next time!) and he thought he'd try out the Duncan Hines Perfect Size for One Cake. I tried one as well and thought I'd share my thoughts.


This cake smells wonderful!

It's super easy and fast to make.

The taste isn't terrible.


It's a pretty dry and lackluster cake, even when prepared with milk.

Welcome Back, Pumpkin Spice

Did you miss the pumpkin spice? If so, fear not; it's ba-ack!

From Dunkin Donuts to Krispy Kreme to Tim Horton's, everyone is offering something delicious this fall! You'll find Maple Pecan coffee at Dunkin this year, which sounds scrumptious. They will also have pumpkin cream cheese spread for the fall, which will be excellent on bagels. Krispy Kreme will be offering both hot and iced pumpkin spice coffees as well as a frozen option.

Cake for One

Most people like cake, and many love it, but sometimes an entire cake is just too much. Even in my family of three, if I bake a standard-size cake in a pan, much of it often goes uneaten simply because we all only wanted a piece or two. That's why we usually reserve cake for days with company or parties.

Dessert Sculptures

If you're making something sweet to eat this week, why stop at eating it? How about making it into a piece of art?

This week, the annual GISHWHES (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) is taking place, and as it does every year, it is challenging people to think outside the box and be extremely creative. My family made a sculpture out of... Well, I won't reveal it because they hunt is still on, but I'll say we got creative with some fruit this week!

Odd Dessert Combos

Are you one of those people who puts peanut butter in your eggs, crumbles chips on top of your sandwich or just adds siracha to everything (sweet or savory)? If so, we're looking for you!

Here at Dessert Report, we are looking for some of the most unique dessert combinations that exist. We want to know your recipes, see your photos or otherwise just hear about your oddest favorite desserts! Just post them in the chat and include the hashtag #odddesserts. If we see something really interesting we will feature you here on the blog!

Cool Off with Icebox Desserts

Lemon ice box pie. Mmm. Just the sound of it makes the mouth water, right? Not only are they among the easiest desserts to create, but they are so cool and refreshing that it's almost like bringing a big pitcher of lemonade along with you. Sigh. Yum. If you have a summer picnic, barbecue or other outdoor activity where you need to bring a dessert, an ice box dessert is the way to go!

The Science Behind Baked Alaska

My family has been making its way through the book Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects this month, and some of the experiments involve some of our favorite kinds of projects: kitchen science! Kitchen science is really fun because it almost always involves things you have on hand already and you often get to eat what you make while you learn about how it was possible in the first place. Cool!


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