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Keto Chocolate Chip Muffins

My teen lives for chocolate chip pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, you name it, so I was happy to find this recipe for keto chocolate chip muffins. We try to limit sugar in our house as much as possible for multiple reasons, but you can always use sugar instead of the substitutions (this recipe calls for Swerve, but you can probably use monkfruit or whatever sub that works best for your family). Do you have a healthy recipe for chocolate chip muffins we could try?

Spring Noms

We usually think of "the holiday season" when it comes to seasonal desserts, but every season has its special treats. Springtime means pastel petit fours (AKA super cute tiny cakes), jewel tone macarons and flower-shaped sugar cookies in my book! I love going to the pastry shop at this time of year and seeing the tiny confections shaped like bunnies, carrots and eggs, not only because they're cute but because I'm happy to have just one small treat rather than bringing home a big box of them! 

Edible Playdough

If there's one thing that most of the children in my life love, it's to play with tactile stuff you can eat! My kiddo built parks out of broccoli and carrots when as a child was little and to this day my teen will shape anything out of playdough with my two-year-old niece. So I thought it would be really fun to try some chocolate playdough for their dessert tomorrow when my niece comes over for the day!

St. Patrick's Day Treats

If you just want something green this St. Patrick's Day, you won't have to work very hard. You can always just get some green macrarons, a Shamrock shake or some of that terrible green popcorn that so many grocery stores sell. But if you want to whip up a little something special to celebrate with friends and family, there are lots of fun things you can make, too.

Easy Fat Bombs

If you've never made a fat bomb, you're in for a treat: they're quick, easy and delicious. While they might seem daughting because they are full of fat and meant to keep you full on a ketogenic way of life, you can always modify them to work with your own lifestyle. The best thing about fat bombs is that they essentially all follow the same pattern: you blend all of their ingredients together, pour them in bite-sized molds and freeze them. In a few hours, they're ready!

Favorite Savory Dips

Strictly speaking, dips aren't actually dessert material unless they're of the sweet variety, but for those who prefer savory bites, a dip can make a fantastic end-of-meal treat or a snack on its own with your favorite dippables, whether they be pita chips, crisps, pretzels or vegetables. I've always been a dip lover and have enjoyed dips my whole life, so I'll often take a good savory dip over a sweet one any day. Ranch and French onion are some of my all-time favorites, and both are so much better when made with fresh ingredients. 

Blender Cupcakes

Are you a fan of cakes made in mugs? How about quick fat bombs, cheesecakes and other fast desserts? If so, you're like me, so welcome. I LOVE sweets, but I don't love the carbs or calories, not to mention the time it takes to put many sweet dishes together. So when I read about these blender cupcakes that are not only easy to make but also keto-friendly, I figured why not try them?

Dessert Teas

Having your cake, eating it and not suffering from the caloric consequences might seem like a tall order, but many companies are selling dessert teas now that make it much more possible. For a fraction of the sugar and calories, depending on how you prepare it, you can enjoy favorite treats like vanilla macaroons or lemon loaf in a cup. Hot or iced, it's totally up to you!

Wedding Cake in Winter

Winter isn't usually thought of as prime wedding season, but winter weddings can be some of the most beautiful celebrations of all, especially with the ice sculptures and wintry color schemes. Winter wedding cakes are especially gorgeous, with sprigs of greenery, simple white flowers and pretty berries. The bursts of summer color may not be present, but the stark contrast of vibrant berries and foliage against a clean winter layer cake can be just as striking. 


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